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Frequently Asked Questions.

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What is the 創雷 (BEAM) Startup Accelerator about?

The 創雷 (BEAM) Startup Accelerator is a program designed to provide funding and support for startups at their earliest stages of formation.

More information on the program will be released shortly. If you're fundraising, feel free to add your company to the list here.

What sort of support does 創雷 (BEAM) Startup Accelerator provide?

We provide a broad range of support from trainings/workshops, hiring support, fundraising support, and more.

A detailed list of information will be released soon.

Does 創雷 (BEAM) Startup Accelerator provide funding?

Yes we do. We provide initial Pre-Seed capital to help startups refine their product(s) to gain some customers and a duplicable business model to scale down the road.

How much funding does 創雷 (BEAM)'s Startup Accelerator provide?

Funding amounts vary depending on the country your startup is located in.

More information on funding amounts will be announced shortly.

Who is eligible to join the program?

More information on eligibility requirements will be released real soon.

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